All registered campers are eligible to sign up to sing a song of their choosing on Solo Night, which will be held on the Friday evening of camp week. This is an option, not a requirement, which can greatly enrich your musical experience.

Sheet music and accompaniment

On the first day of camp, please bring two copies of the sheet music for your song in the key that is best for your voice. One copy is for you and one copy is to give to the pianist. You will not take the second one home with you. If you don’t know which key is best, we will help you decide, but you may have to purchase the sheet music a second time.

Sheet music to thousands of songs can be found online at www.musicnotes.com or www.sheetmusicplus.com. If you are singing to a Karaoke track, please bring it with you on a CD or thumb drive. With a Karaoke track, you do not need to bring sheet music for your song although it would be helpful.


All soloists will receive a brief coaching with Cherry Duke. Focus will be on preparing a polished performance.


All students coaching their songs will sing on the solo recital performance on the Friday evening of camp week at 6:30 p.m., held in the sanctuary of Immanuel Lutheran Church in Waterloo. A few soloists will be selected to perform on the final concert(s) on the Saturday of camp week at 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

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